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217,000 TL

  • Property ID: SEZ1000
Property ID : SEZ1000 Ready By : 06/2020 - 09/2020 - 12/2020
City : Antalya District : KEBEZ
Area : 1.300.000 Blocks Number : 93
Apartments Number : 19000 Project Type : Apartment
Discount On Cash : 5% Installment Options : 35% + 36 MONTH

Property Details:

Let you have a place in the world and a house in Antalya The project has cycling routes, excursion areas, sports areas, amphitheater, lakes and restaurants, green areas between buildings, educational institutions, terraces lounge, children's playgrounds, sports center with indoor swimming pool, fitness center and bathroom Turkish, sauna, internet cafes, hospital care and treatment areas, mall, technology park, culture center and museum, open bazaar, gas station, there are social facilities like shopping street 1.3 km long. The light rail system will be included in the project and extends throughout the city. There are closed parking areas under all buildings. 50% of the area of ​​the project is dedicated to green areas The project features in the most valuable and beautiful areas of Antalya, which will be established in the style of Kepez. Kepez area that facilitates your life and provides you with all the elements of life near you effortlessly.

Prices, offers and payment methods

Price Start From : 217,000 TL

Discount On Cash: 5%

Installment Options: 35% + 36 MONTH

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